Best taiwanese and chinese drama series – freezepopmorality on, And now, chinese dramas. chinese dramas are unique in that they can come from multiple cultures: taiwan, hong kong, and mainland china (but mostly taiwan)..
2013 new chinese movies, Home – chinese movies – new chinese movies – upcoming chinese movies – best chinese movies – chinese action movies – a database of chineses movies.
Asia pacific arts: best of 2011: taiwanese dramas, Best of 2011: taiwanese dramas. stars such as ariel lin, lynn hung, joseph chang, and alice ke entertain us in the top taiwanese dramas of the year..

Best taiwanese drama? – yahoo! answers, Best answer: i loved hi, my sweetheart. it was soooo cute! ^_^ these are my favorites and that are definitely worth watching: down with love – currently.
Top 5 taiwanese dramas of 2012 – 2013 – top 5 fridays – youtube, Subscribe here: ‘like’ me on facebook! follow me on twitter:
Asia pacific arts: best of 2010: taiwanese dramas, Best of 2010: taiwanese dramas. this year’s idol dramas featured many stars, but it was the compelling storylines that landed autumn’s concerto and volleyball lover.

What are the best historical (historic/period) korean, chinese, I have seen several korean and chinese period drama. they are fantastic. i have never seen any japanese historical drama as i do not know any!.

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