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Yugioh march 2013 banlist predictions – youtube, Hope you all enjoyed the video let’s see if we can get 200 likes! remember to subscribe for more yu-gi-oh! videos! here is my banlist prediction for march.
Fake *leaked march 2013 yugioh banlist – youtube, Ya i do not mind this banlist at all lol have fun guys 新禁止 (ban) 六武の門 /gateway of the six 血の代償 /ultimate offering 新制限 (limited.
Banlist predictions & discussions (march 2013) – yu-gi-oh, September 2012 banlist with only 2,5 months left until the next banlist and the next format and knowing what is still to come until march (with the exception of the.

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[official] march 2013 banlist prediction thread – yugioh forums, Forbidden: sangan zenmaity limited: wind-up magician one day of peace solemn warning mermails are debatable, i could see dw and wind up taking hits though i just.
Yuginewz: yu-gi-oh! march 2013 banlist, The true official judge james armando here: nobody cares about fake lists. just suck my dick and i´ll reveal the true official march list, like me..
Offical yu-gi-oh ban list march 2013? – yahoo! answers, Best answer: i think i speak for everybody when i say i hate march banlists. to me, there is only 1 banlist in yugioh and that is september. when i say.

Pojo’s yugioh site – news, tips, strategies, reports, decks, Magic dbz pokemon yu yu hakusho neopets heroclix harry potter anime vs. system megaman. welcome to pojo’s yu-gi-oh! site wanna talk about yu-gi-oh!? check out our.

Yugioh March 2013 banlist leaked!

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