prediction for f4 visa buletin for feb 2013

Latest immigration news: updated: visa bulletin prediction for 2013, Welcome to immigration news blog where you will get the latest immigration news from tons of sources at one place. click here to view top immigration news..
Latest immigration news: visa bulletin prediction for 2013 by uscis, Uscis released their prediction for visa bulletin in 2013. please see details below: visa availability in the coming months family-sponsored categories (monthly).
February 2013 f2a visa bulletin prediction –, february 2013 f2a visa bulletin prediction –

Visa Bulletin January 2013 Predictions | Photography

Visa bulletin for march 2013 – welcome to, 1. this bulletin summarizes the availability of immigrant numbers during march. consular officers are required to report to the department of state documentarily.
February 2013 visa bulletin prediction – green card application, Dos did not predict any dates for feb 13 visa bulletin for eb2i unlike dec vb no movement for india. because dos did not say anything in jan vb about feb vb da.
January 2012 visa bulletin prediction –, Lucky you! if you have not heard of the visa bulletin, then you are not applying for a visa in one of the numerically limited categories, i.e. you are much better off.

February 2013 visa bulletin // with comments and discussion | the, My priority date is 28 april 2001 category f4 my interview has been conducted in january 2011 but they ask us to wait coz visas were not available for us.

Visa Bulletin For The April Prediction 2013 | Photography

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