yugioh banlist 2013

Yugioh march 2013 banlist predictions – youtube, Hope you all enjoyed the video let’s see if we can get 200 likes! remember to subscribe for more yu-gi-oh! videos! here is my banlist prediction for march.
Yugioh! official march 2013 banlist confirmed on shriek?! – youtube, Http://shriek.twoday.net/stories/2641 sangan 「クリッター」 mainspring carrier zenmighty 「発条空母ゼンマイティ」 restriction cards.
Yugioh march 1st 2013 ban list? – yahoo! answers, C:userssakura harunopicturesjapan.png file:///c:/users/sakura%20haruno/pictu… this is done by japanese model htc evo3d camera model name isw12ht.

Yugioh March 2013 Banlist Predictions

Forum:march 2013 banlist predictions – yu-gi-oh!, It’s been a bit more than two months since the september 2012 list became official, but now that.
Offical yu-gi-oh ban list march 2013? – yahoo! answers, Best answer: i think i speak for everybody when i say i hate march banlists. to me, there is only 1 banlist in yugioh and that is september. when i say.
[official] march 2013 banlist prediction thread – yugioh forums, Forbidden: sangan zenmaity limited: wind-up magician one day of peace solemn warning mermails are debatable, i could see dw and wind up taking hits though i just.

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Yugioh March 2013 banlist leaked!

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