prediction for january 2013 visa bulletin for f4 catagary

November 8th, 2012

Latest immigration news: prediction: march 2013 visa bulletin, Update: this post is few months old. for latest uscis visa bulletin and predictions, please click here:
Latest immigration news: prediction: april 2013 visa bulletin, For official april 2013 visa bulletin, please click here: for may 2013 visa bulletin prediction, please.
March 2012 visa bulletin prediction for f2a –, march 2012 visa bulletin prediction for f2a –

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Archive for the ‘visa bulletin fiscal year 2013’ category, Visa bulletin for april 2013; contrary to prior predictions, dos now reports that the eb-5 immigrant investor numbers for chinese investors may remain available for.
February 2013 visa bulletin // with comments and discussion | the, My priority date is 28 april 2001 category f4 my interview has been conducted in january 2011 but they ask us to wait coz visas were not available for us.
Visa bulletin update: february 2013 | immigration lawyer ari sauer, Visa application or application for adjustment of status to obtain a green card as a us permanent resident based upon an immigrant visa petition filed by them or on.

December 2012 visa bulletin // with comments and discussion | the, My parents pd is may 1993 f3 philippines, any idea about it? hope pds it will move by the month of january..

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