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Guys revealing their junk to the world in speedos, This blog is for people of age 18+. please leave if you are not over this age. unless otherwise stated, i do not claim ownership of any posted photos and i will be.
Guys revealing their junk to the world in speedos, The one with the guy in blue speedos being pulled out of the water is one of my ultimate favourites. his junk is so on display!!!.
Tom daley speedo | tumblr, I wish that i was the designer for the speedos used in the olympics. id put something special on toms. and then halfway thru the olympics press a button.

A tribute to speedos, Speedos and boys – the best combination! “go get yourself a fucking speedo, you idiot” coach had roared at me, and my first practice on the swim team had.
Guys revealing their junk to the world in speedos, This photo combines two of my favourite things = speedos + depantsing! i remember at school this happened to me in front of a mixed class of about 20 people..
Torture sadist for objects, Humilationdom11: drool and slime dripping out from a gagged slave’s mouth is always satisfying. then i can laugh at the fag for being such a slobbering mess..

Jia-chi, The annual los angeles marathon is the only time of year when 26-miles of continuous la streets are closed off to cars – from the east to the beach..

mana-sama # love of my life # moi dix mois

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